Your Photographer

Photo Credit: Jason Lanier and Emily Ronaldo

Rob Desmond

     Rob is a New Hampshire based photographer and owner of Spot a Shot Photography. Rob’s goal as a photographer is to integrate multiple photography styles and genres into every photo he captures, and to avoid restricting his creative vision. Wedding, Portrait, landscape, and fashion photography are just a few of the genres with which he is currently involved.


Who is the man behind the Lens?

      As a young child, Rob’s grandmother gave him a Kodak Brownie camera. This gift began his love for the art of photography. As it often happens, life becomes busy and passions are set aside for responsibilities. Although life had pulled Rob away from photography, he was able to find time to use his creative vision as a landscape designer. As his landscape business grew, he began to photograph sites and projects to post on his website. The addition of photographs was intended as a window into his landscape projects, but ultimately sparked his creative interest in photography once again.
Rob has taken his spare time to emerge himself in the world of photography. Under the tutelage of some of the best photographers in the country, Rob has devoted himself to broadening his knowledge of the art of photography. He has traveled to New York, Hawaii, St. Louis, Alaska, as well as all of New England to not only expanded his skill set, but also provided the opportunity to capture exquisite scenery, uniquely designed portraits, and Epic Wedding Photography Sessions.