Benefits of Pre and Post Wedding Shoots

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     Once you meet that special person that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, you’ll want to start capturing all those special moments of your love story. Unfortunately, during the hustle and bustle of your wedding day, there isn’t always time to get the most epic photographs. Through the years, more and more couples are seeing the significance of hiring professionals to find and set up that perfect location for the most amazing photos before or after their wedding day.
For instance, you may get married in the summer but want beautiful fall foliage photos in the majestic mountains, the beaches of Cape Cod or anywhere in the world for that matter. As a New Hampshire wedding photographer, we not only do pre and post-wedding photography in New England but also destination wedding photography where we capture it all, pre and post-wedding sessions as well as your big day.
Your beautiful memories are your most meaningful investment. Finding the love of your life is one of the magical things that took place in your life and we believe that you’d love to capture the essence of your love before, during, and after you tie the knot. If you’re still undecided about whether you’d like to book your photographer for a pre or post-wedding session, we compiled a list of their
benefits to assist you!

1. Building a Relationship with Your Photographer

     Even professional models can initially be a bit self-conscious if they are working with photographers that they met for the first time. This is why it is so important to meet and work closely with your selected professional photographer before your wedding day. Getting to know the person behind the lens will make it easier for you to feel relaxed and comfortable on your big day.

2. An Opportunity to Do Some Hair and Makeup Trials

     We totally understand your desire to be your most gorgeous selves during your big day! To maximize your experience, you may ask your chosen style team to do your hair and makeup trial on the same schedule of your pre-wedding session. This could be one of the best opportunities to try out various looks that would work for your needs and preferences. You will also get to learn what makeup or hairstyle will work for you in the long duration of your big day. After browsing through some image results, you may also recommend some adjustments to your style team when it comes to the actual wedding moment!

3. Getting Through The ‘Camera Consciousness

     If you consider yourself a camera-shy person, don’t worry because a savvy photographer will help you get through this! During your pre-wedding shoot, the guy behind the clicks will give you some ideas of how to pose and how to chill when a camera is around. This practice will give you some knowledge on what angles and poses works for you and your beau. Your pre-wedding session will also give you some ideas on how to look your best for your photos on the actual day!

4. Customizing Wedding Details

     This is especially applicable for your pre-wedding shoot. Once you get the processed images from your NH wedding photographer, you can then use this photo output for your wedding needs. Do you need a photo for your personalized wedding signature frame? Would you like to ditch the plain and boring guest book by creating a custom version that’s filled with your love and chemistry? Are you thinking of making a slideshow presentation that will impress your guests on your wedding day? We got your back!

5. Multiple Outfit Changes

     We totally agree that you will both look stunning in your formal attire and we’re looking forward to photographing you and your significant other! However, we also believe that somehow, you would like to apply some variety to your wedding photos through different looks. Whether you want to diversify your Instagram photos or you just want something different, we definitely understand if you would like to wear multiple outfits to create variety in your image collection. What’s the better way to do it than having your pre-wedding or post-wedding portrait session?

6. Opt for More Exotic Locations

     You somehow wanted to tie the knot in a cliff-view venue but you’re worried that Grandma won’t make it to your day if you’ve chosen a steep location. Perhaps, your dream is to get married in a
lavender field, but you can’t do it because your maid of honor is allergic to flowers. Or maybe, you’ve heard that there’s a majestic waterfall near the venue that you booked and yet you don’t have time to go and shoot there on your actual wedding day due to time limitations. Fret no more! We totally understand how much you would love to have a splendid and unique backdrop for your photos so let’s work together to find the perfect location prior to or after your big day. During your pre-wedding or post-wedding photo shoot, there’s nothing else to consider but yourselves!

7. Chance to Make the Best Out of Every Season

     Here’s a possible scenario: you booked your wedding for winter yet you want to have some adorable couple photos with spring blossoms as your backdrop. Or maybe you want a summer wedding but you’d also like to achieve some Pinterest-worthy autumn portraits with your beau. Well then! Your chosen New England wedding photographer will surely love to help you achieve the diversity of your vision. Book a pre or post-wedding photography session when the flowers are in full bloom or when the leaves are red and orange!

8. There are No Rules!

     Unlike wedding photoshoots, your pre-event and post-event sessions don’t require the consideration of some wedding day traditions such as run sheets, heavy wedding attires, traditional normalities, and lurking guests. Without thinking about the rules and restrictions of your big day, you can be as creative or as hilarious as you want to!