We are giving away Free Wedding Packages

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        Along with the upheaval of everyday life due to COVID-19, the Wedding industry has also been
flipped upside down with the cancellation and postponement of many events. For those couples
faced with this unfortunate circumstance, I would like to do my part and offer my assistance.
     Spot A Shot Photography will be giving away one free custom Wedding package per month for
the months of April, May, June and July of 2020. This will only apply to events being held in the
state of New Hampshire and the dates are limited.
     If you would like the opportunity to receive this offer, please tell us your story. We are looking to
help couples that have endured difficult times during this crisis and will choose couples based
upon several factors such as our availability, your needs, and your circumstance.
• Your event was canceled and you can’t get another date
• Your event needs to be rescheduled and your photographer is now double booked
• You are an area First Responder on the front lines
• Your income has been lost
     Please email your story to spotashotphotography@gmail.com by April 7, 2020, so that we can
plan accordingly.
     This offer is not meant to take away from any other vendors. This is just our way of helping
where we can during this time.
Let’s all pay it forward.